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> Coordinated operation management in headquarters for successful first measures

CENARIO® action is the essential action management software for members of regional control centres, cooperative headquarters or integrated headquarters of emergencies, fire services and civil protection as well as police forces and patrols.

The potential of CENARIO® action is very extensive. From easy operation control with FMS/GPS support to cooperative teamwork of different authorities in a data network – CENARIO® action covers everything.

The application for headquarters offers a continuous operation management free of media disruption – from the incident to first measures managed by the headquarters to the completion of the situation in an inter-regional headquarter. After finishing the operation all collected information can be transmitted automatically via an interface to a higher administration for further processing.

Keywords: contingency management, emergency services, control room


• Continuous operation management free of media disruption

• 24/7 operation

• Highly available

• Clear and easy structure

• High-perfromance and approved

• High efficiency due to interfaces

• Cross-sector operations

• References by police and fire departments, civil protection and industry

Text message alarm

With the text message alarm of CENARIO® action you can inform your action units fast and efficient via mobile phones.

A transmission report for received messages is integrated. For a complete documentation all incoming and outgoing messages are tracked automatically.

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