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> Teamwork training for emergencies

CENARIO® wellprepared is a flexible training software and designed to train the teamwork of headquarters during incidents like in real life.

To re-enact or set up crisis situations requires great efforts. Therefore training of headquarter teams takes a lot of time and is expensive. With the training software CENARIO® wellprepared, simulation exercises and direction books are easy to generate. Trainees are confronted with events set up in advance – constantly or ad hoc. Each team member practises their allocated role.

The software enables the repetition of training sessions and so creates the basis for benchmarking to evaluate the learning process of the training group.

Whether teamwork training in headquarters, disaster management training, crisis training or the training of co-operation between different authorities – CENARIO® wellprepared always gets you ready for any emergency.


• Significant cost saving by minimising the preparation efforts

• Realistic training scenarios

• Didactical and pedagogical concept

• Objective assessment of trainees

• No special hardware requirements (mobile devices e.g. iPod can be used)

• Cross-sector operations

• Non sector-specific


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