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> Complex situation made simple

In crisis situations a clear overview is very important for headquarter teams.

What resources are already available on the ground? How many people are there to help in each operation section? How many have been injured and are waiting for help? Where exactly are they? Which is the area that is worst affected and where is action most needed?


CENARIO® situation offers an effective visualisation of the

• Management of the situation map (tactical symbols)

• Management of forces and resources

• Management of damage accounts

• Structure of the headquarter team (organisation chart)

Situations constantly change. Therefore dynamic adjustments are necessary and this is one of the system’s great advantages.

The creation of a quick and easy overview of each situation is a further strength. Some of the features included are: Geographical references, operation sections, state of resources, accessibility, management of forces, patient administration, hospital bed capacity, transport destination etc.

CENARIO® situation helps to manage emergency units correctly and effectively.

We are sorry to inform you that CENARIO® situation ist no longer available.