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> Documentation tool for situation management

Documentation of incident management, emergency management and disaster management

CENARIO®statusreport is an easy-to-use tool for the documentation of situation management with an easy allocation and tracking of tasks and responsibilities.

For incident management at control rooms, task forces or headquarters.

CENARIO®statusreport offers an easy coordination of information and the allocation of tasks and responsibilities to persons or groups you can define for your own. No other communication (for example e-mails) is necessary. The processing status for the respective tasks are visible for everyone involved and can be reconstructed in the log at every time.


CENARIO®statusreport can be used as a journal for the documentation of incidents and incident management.

Next to the logging function CENARIO®statusreport offers the basis for an easy and effective coordination of information.

The software is focused on basic elements. Even new users can use the tool shortly. Abstracts of the main events, background information, assistance of internal and external communication – CENARIO®statusreport supports everyone involved in emergency teams, security teams, or headquarters. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in the same room, in the same building or on different locations.

CENARIO®statusreport meets the requirements of risk management organisations for an incident management system and the documentation meets law standards.

More Advantages

• No information are lost.

• Misunderstandings are avoided.

• All decisions – already made or upcoming – are visible.

• Reliable, clearly arranged, meets law standards.

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