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> Secure exchange of information

Automatic message exchange systems

In homeland security the safe and easy exchange of confidential information is very important. In special causes (e.g. incidents and danger situations, catastrohies, times of crisis, tensions and cases of defence, protection of human life) formal communiation governs the information exchange between authorities and organisations responsible for safety and security with standardized directions.

Formal communication is a command and control equipment of police forces and is part of operational systems.

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• Audit-proof information exchange

• Safe communication 24/7

• Smooth process

• Documentation of all transmitted messages, tracebility guaranteed, meets law standards

• Information exchange in relation to organisations and therefore independant of individuals

• Clear rules for responsibility for the exchange of formal messages

• Automatic time monitoring guarantees, that every information reaches the recipient within a given time slot in any circumstance.

• Web based, no confident information are safed on a workstation, no computer administration, easy to work with